One broken country, one power-mad tyrant, one woman against all odds,  one plan…and one last chance.

In the first three books of the Maid of Salerno series, five ultra-rich citizens banded together to find the one woman they were certain could lead them against the powerful magistrates that controlled what was left of the United States in the early 2070’s. Cassiopeia Serrell survived every test and became the one they selected to lead the effort to reunify America.

In 2019, a computer virus destroyed most of the power plants in North America plunging the continent into darkness. A few months later, with no electricity and weaker defense systems, terrorists blew up the capitol buildings, killed the leaders, and decapitated the government. Over the next fifty years, self-proclaimed magistrates moved into the power void and took control of states and regions in the country. With no one to oppose them, they made their own laws, seized control, taxed the people to death, and solidified their power base.

Cassie Serrell lived her life in a squatter’s settlement. Her deeds and her bravery in saving her town from destruction caught the attention of the Five and now they’ve decided she is the one on whom to bet the future of America.  In this final book, she challenges the strongest of the magistrates, hoping to bring them down one at a time and reform a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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