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In 2019 the Unites States was hit with The Darkening, an apocalyptic terrorist attack that killed millions, including the President and most leaders.  The country was thrown into turmoil, poverty, and literal darkness, where electricity is a think of the past.

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A Real Page Turner!

The Journey of the Maid, and the previous two books in the series, are not like any other books I have read! The protagonist, Cassie, is on a quest to prove that she is the one to save the U. S. in the dystopian future. I had to binge-read all three novels because I couldn't stop thinking about Cassie and all the hurdles she has to overcome. I can't wait for the 4th book in the series to be published!

So inspiring I reread it and bought copies for my friends.

I just finished The End of the Maid and this whole series is a must read.  The leadership qualities that Cassie espouses are virtues everyone could benefit from.  Great for teens