In Journey of the Maid, book three of the four-book Maid of Salerno series, Cassie Serrell faces the seventh and final test to determine if she will be a leader of the underground movement to take America back from the criminal overlords that rule it in the 2060’s.

Fifty years after The Darkening, a series of terrorist attacks that left the USA without electrical power or political leadership, most Americans are poor, defenseless, and desperate. Facing a bleak future, five ultra-rich patriots have banded together and committed their fortunes in one last attempt to save the country.

Cassie finds herself in the middle of the maelstrom facing the hard reality of too much to do and too little time. She strives to win the last test to be the One selected by The Five, but she knows what the odds are. And she knows what she faces: One broken country, one power-mad tyrant, one woman against all odds, one plan…and one last chance

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